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We have compiled resources to assist you in establishing your level of preparedness for specific elements of cyber security. Select your primary area of interest and receive a free infomration pack to assist your planning, and then next steps are up to you: either take that free information and discuss with your team or use it as the basis of partnering with iNetYears for a SAFER way to defend your business, reputation and cash.


GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has been tracking with GDPR since 2016 and it comes into its own on May 25th 2018. Complete this Survey stage of SAFER and iNetYears will provde guidance on specific elements along with a useful summary of links to UK government information.

Defend my business: team members, reputation and cash

There is a SAFER way to defend your business. Complete this Survey stage of SAFER and iNetYears will provide recommendations and guidance based on the Three Layers of Interaction that most of us have with data: Virtual, Physical and Human. The report at the end is a great resource to use with none IT executives that share a concern and responsilbility to defend team membrs, company reputation and cash.