The challenge

The amount of data there is, multiplied by the number of locations and devices it is available from, means that it can be harder today than ever before to make your data, employees, clients and reputation SAFER.

iNetYears design and implement effective strategies that treat cyber/ IT/ information security a company-wide concern and responsibility, not just the IT Managers problem.

At iNetYears we don’t do FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt. If you’d like someone to position the challenge as pain that you are fearful of just to help you make a decision…. well, we’re not going to be a great fit for you. But, if you’d like some facts, figures and observations about your own business, presented in a professional manner designed to help you either start your journey to securing your data better, or for incremental improvements to what you may already have done, then let’s talk.

We specialise in working with SMBs - we’ve taken best practice from large enterprise and global business experience, and scaled that down to meaningful, actionable information relevant for companies like yours. To a point, data is data is data, so we are happy to work across all sectors, though we do have particular expertise in Manufacturing, Hotel and Leisure, Tier 2 Telcos and Professional Services.

Click below to schedule a conversation with us at a time that suits you. One of our biggest values is simply to ‘add value’, so even if we don’t work together immediately, we’d love the opportunity to discuss ideas with you.


SAFER approach

Initial Consultation
Scope of Works agreed
Cyber Audit (Topology through to Vulnerability Assessment)

Highlight from review of Cyber Audit critical areas to Fortify
Recommendations: Commercial, Operational, Technical

Implementation of specific targetted solutions
Readiness Workshop
Project Management as required

Delivery either virtual or on premise - content dependent
Board level risk content through to daily best practice for all staff
Three layers of interaction with data: Human, Physical, Virtual

Cyber Security is a fast paced industry, as new challenges and threats rise, our technology partners are at the forefront of response: creating, testing and delivering solutions to better defend your business, data, client relationships and staff from malicious cyber activity

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Contact iNetYears immediately if you are experiencing a cyber attack or to schedule an initial consultation to step through the SAFER approach to cyber security and to discover how we can support your business in delivering your cyber defence strategy.