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Increasing your Return on Investment for MS Office 365.

If your company has already purchased Microsoft Office 365 - or is planning to do so - a call to the O365 IT team is the right place to start.

We have lived and breathed Office 365 since before it was called that, we’ve worked on projects that used various component parts that eventually became part of the Microsoft 365 suite and we have helped clients maximise their return on investment by identifying opportunities to automate process/ streamline communication, makes sales teams more available to their clients and provide dashboards views of the business, most of the time using the services clients are already paying for in their Microsoft subscriptions.

If you like getting the most bang for your dollar, or as we call it a ‘return with impact’ then click below!


Microsoft 365 services

Review subscriptions (to ensure the right users have the best fit subscription)

SharePoint utilisation

Migrate to Office 365

What is the difference between ‘Microsoft 365’ and ‘Office 365’?



Connecting MS Teams to your existing PBX (game changer)

Workshops with your users to see how else we can wrestle value out of your 365 spend

Mobility and Security

Encrypted email

Secure File Sharing internally and externally

and so many more!


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  • day rate advisory sessions

  • migration packages (from pretty much anything to O365)

  • buy your O365 licenses from us

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