The General Data Protection Regulation is enforced from May 25th 2018. It is a significant piece of legislation and strengthens existing guidance / best practice around managing and securing other people's data. In fact, probably the biggest realisation for companies is that comment: 'other people's data'. 

Under GDPR, companies, organisations & associations are to come to terms with the fact that information that can identify an individual belongs to the individual, and they have a key stake in what happens with that data.

Be it internal use (HR, Performance Metrics, Rostering information etc) or external (Marketing: B2C or B2B databases, Recruiting) ALL companies need to control and process data in accordance with the GDPR. 

There are lots of high quality free resources available to you, especially from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) but if you need a trusted partner that can communicate to all heads of department within your business:

  • what GDPR is
  • how it impacts each department specifically
  • to work with them as a team to ensure GDPR Readiness across your organisation

then call iNetYears today.

Whether you would like iNetYears to support your organisation in a complete review of GDPR Readiness or if you already have in house staff managing GDPR compliance and simply require assistance with specific elements / processes, call today and book a free, no obligation, initial call with one of our specialists to discuss your business and how we might best engage and serve your user community together.

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