Pretty much everything we do touches the internet:

the quality of connection is as important as the connection itself

You’ve seen the movies where there is the rickety bridge that all of a sudden everyone has to cross, or where they have to take something impossibly heavy across it. Companies often approach their connectivity in a similar way - when the business first started, all they needed was to get online: a domestic grade connection to the internet was fast and cheap.

But as the requirements change, numbers of staff increase and the workload they ask of the connections gets heavier (just to keep the analogy alive for one more sentence), that connection starts to strain. If it does go down, is there a real Service Level Agreement wrapped around it? (One that defines the obligations on the provider and how long they have to fix it before some form of service credits / financial penalty kick in.) Is there enough bandwidth for the number of concurrent users? In the office, are there enough access points that can handle the number of users? Are there now more office locations that need to be interconnected?

If your company is at a point where the current connectivity is not right for the next stages of growth or demands of resilience that you now need, then the CONNECT IT team would love to have a conversation and see how we can help.


Connectivity Review

From business grade broadband to gfast to leased lines

Managed VPNs / intersite connectivity

Onsite access point installation & configuration

Data only SIM cards


  • free review of spend - is your current provider competitive?

  • optional extras for line monitoring

  • resilience options

  • multi site discount (5+)