Our approach is to Survey, Advise, Fortify, Educate and Respond, with the purpose of bolstering the security capabilities of clients/ partners and empowering senior executives and Directors from none-IT / Technology backgrounds to make informed decisions on how to defend their business, their data, their clients and their team.

GDPR is a term now familiar to most UK businesses. iNetYears has been engaging with clients over the last two years bringing awareness and assistance in developing readiness for the ongoing impact of GDPR. Speak to one of our specialists for more information from individual business elements to complete Readiness across your organisation.


Under Attack

If your business is currently experiencing a cyber attack, or you suspect sensitive data is at risk, contact us immediately so that we can guide your team through an initial response to the situation.


Professional Services

Managing the SAFER workstreams, different experts are engaged to deliver core compenents, from an initial cyber audit through to delivering worldclass education and staff awareness training to mitigate threat.


Products & Services for your kitbag

Delivered via cloud, hybrid or on-premise, we have a range of technologies and solutions to automate the defence of your sensitive data.